MODERN FLOORS® Luxury Vinyl Tiles(LVT) are synthetic floor & wall material in sheet forms made from PVC, a type of Plastic made from Polyvinyl Chloride Composition and due to its non-toxic composition and manufacturing process they are very safe for indoor use.

MODERN FLOORS® has engineered them to look and feel so real that they are often mistaken for the real thing, setting us miles ahead of our competitors. It has taken us years to perfect our brand but we believe that our products are the most realistic, high quality, long lasting & budget friendly Vinyl(PVC) Tiles(LVT) in the Ghanaian market.

MODERN FLOORS® Vinyl has a softer surface than other flooring materials like wood or stone, making it more comfortable underfoot and sound reducing, which is a very important trait for many facilities, giving that exceptional orthopedic feel & experience.

MODERN FLOORS® LVT comes in various colours & patterns and are exceptionally light weight as compared to regular tiles to reduce the weight on buildings and prolong the lifespan of your property. Traditional hardwood and stone flooring options are more costly than LVT, if you’re looking for a durable alternative at a much lower cost with lifespan guarantee and warranty, look no further.

MODERN FLOORS® – U.K. Trademark Product

International Standards Conformity: EN14372:2004 (SGS) | EN14041:2004+AC:2006 (CE) | 22.00604.01, 22.00604.02 and 22.00605.01 (UKCA) | ISO 13238:2010